Transport Assessments / Statements

A Transport Assessment (TA) or its less detailed equivalent Transport Statement (TS) is a report detailing all the transport, traffic, highway and parking related implications associated with a development proposal. A TA or a TS, is prepared in support of a planning application for a development. Before a TA or TS can be prepared, the scope and scale of the report needs to be agreed with the Local Highway and Planning Authorities.

Both a TA and TS examine the effects of a development proposal on all modes of transport, not just the impacts associated with additional vehicle traffic. Detailed assessments are normally required based on the number of predicted trips that will be generated by the development for each of the main modes of transport (walking, cycling, public transport and car), and how these additional trips will be accommodated on the local transport network.

In addition to the above, a Transport Assessment also identifies mitigation measures that may be required in order to offset any potential negative impacts associated with the development. Such measures may include localised highway improvements, new pedestrian and cycle links, new bus infrastructure, etc.

“The experienced CEC staff undertook our scheme without delay and understood what we were trying to achieve. We were also very pleased with the quality and detail that accompanied our planning application”David Beacom, Primegate Properties (Hooksouth) Ltd

The Benefits

  • Helping you to secure planning permission
  • Overcoming existing site transport and highway constraints to unlock development potential
  • Identifying improvements to the local transport infrastructure
  • Maximising the developable potential of the site by identifying necessary improvements and enhancements to the local transport infrastructure
  • Enabling the phasing of the development to be synchronised with the delivery of new transport infrastructure
  • Early discussions and negotiation regarding planning conditions and obligations, saving both cost and time

How We Can Help

Cole Easdon Consultants have vast experience in the preparation of Transport Assessments and Transport Statements for all types of development.

We are able to undertake all the necessary technical work and we will also liaise with the Local Highway Authority throughout the process to ensure that as much of the report as possible is agreed in advance. This helps to facilitate smooth progress through the planning system from application to planning approval.

We combine expertise in transport planning with sound commercial understanding. We always strive to ensure the optimum outcome for you, minimising your financial exposure, maximising the development potential of your land or project and devising intelligent, cost effective and environmentally friendly transport planning solutions.

Examples of Our Work

Lytham Quays: Transport Assessment relating to a large scale mixed use development comprising residential, office and industrial.

St Joseph’s School, Swindon: Transportation Appraisal for new school campus combining the two schools on to one site.

Abbotswood, Romsey: Transportation Assessment for an 800 dwelling residential development, incorporating integrated public transport solutions and new ‘local centre facilities’. More…

Westbury, Wiltshire: Preparation of a Transport Assessment for a proposed mechanical and biological waste treatment plant, together with a household waste recycling centre.

Olympic Equestrian Event, Greenwich: Preparing and agreeing the scope for the Transport Assessment examining transportation impacts of spectators, staff and the Olympic Family for this 2012 Olympic venue. More…

Charlton Athletic Football Club: Transport Assessment to consider the impact of extending the stadium and constructing a new training facility.

Lingley Mere Business Park, Warrington: Transport Assessments for Phases 1, 2 & 3 of the Business Park, jointly comprising of 1,000,000 ft² of office and warehouse development. Transport Statements for a 132 bedroom Hotel and an Amenity Building, both within the Business Park. More…

Car Auction Site, Swindon: Transport Assessment for a proposed redevelopment of the former Motorola office site to provide an auction centre.

Westminster Lodge, St Albans: Transport Assessment in respect of a planning application for the redevelopment of the Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre in St Albans.

Bracknell Forest Council: Transport Assessments in relation to the expansion of four primary & infant/junior schools and a Transport Statement for a proposed children’s centre on behalf of Bracknell Forest Council. More…

The Laurels, Bolton: Transport Statement in relation to a proposed residential development for 6 No. detached houses alongside the retention of an existing dwelling. More…

Dick Lovett, Cribbs Causeway: Transport Statement to support a planning application for a proposed car bodyshop, vehicle storage, and associated car parking. Travel Plan for whole Dick Lovett Cribbs Causeway site.

Wapping High Street, Tower Hamlets: Transport Statement for proposed car-free flatted development comprising 60 residential units. More…

Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton Wanderers: Transport Assessment to support planning application for proposed expansion of Molineux Stadium by an additional 7,000 seats. Preparation of Match Day Travel Plan to mitigate projected increases in traffic volumes within Wolverhampton city centre on match days. More…

Co-op, Chipping Norton: Preparation of a Transport Assessment for an extension to an existing Co-op store.

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