Site Supervision & Contract Administration

Under traditional contracting, the employer appoints an experienced Consultant whose job it is to issue instructions to the contractor and look after the interests of the Client.

This includes monitoring construction costs, ensuring that works are carried out to the agreed programme, certifying payments under the contract, certifying practical completion and issuing the final certificate.

Site supervision involves regular site visits by an experienced Engineer to ensure that the works are being carried out to an acceptable standard, with the Engineer keeping detailed records of progress and assisting with overcoming any problems that arise during the contract period.

The Benefits

  • Monitoring the works on site to ensure conformance with the approved design, ensuring that the workmanship is acceptable and that it is carried out safely by the contractor
  • Resolving unforeseen issues that arise during the contract period, such as those with utilities
  • Taking contract photographs and preparing a site diary
  • Monitoring materials brought to site for use in the works, to ensure they are acceptable
  • Ensuring liaison takes place between the contractor and the Local Highway Authority, Water Authority, utility companies, client, architects, residents, etc
  • Keeping financial control of the contract, including the re-measure of works undertaken at regular intervals with the contractor and agreeing interim and final accounts
  • Recording and issuing variation orders. Carrying out inspections of completed works and preparing snagging lists
  • Issuing practical completion and final certificates

How We Can Help

We have extensive experience in the Contract Administration of both large and small construction projects and are fully trained in the appropriate project management methodologies.

We use recognised procedures to ensure effective monitoring and reporting of project progress and we adhere to the “Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development”.

Acting as the contract administrator, we will negotiate and agree valuations with the contractor and will manage the contract budget for the client. Financial progress reports will be produced monthly and provided to the client for information.

Regular progress meetings will be convened and attended by all key stakeholders in the project. The agenda for the meeting will cover all major elements of the project, i.e., programme, utilities, valuations and health & safety etc.

Examples of Our Work

St Joseph’s Road Bridge, Swindon: Access road off of an existing roundabout, and new 12.5 m wide x 18.5 m long road bridge across the River Cole, formed with precast, pre-stressed T Beams, to access a new residential development on a former school site in eastern Swindon. More…

Hunt Lane, Oldham: Installation of a traffic signal controlled junction located on the A663 Trunk road, a road that connects the M60 and A627(M). Carriageway widening on three approaches to the junction was also implemented, which required significant remedial works to existing utility routes. More…

Area H11A, Priory Vale, Swindon: New development access road and footways into a new residential development in Priory Vale, Swindon.

Dauntsey’s School, West Lavington, Wiltshire: New staff and visitor car parking area, bus lane and bus pick up areas and storm and foul water drainage improvements within the school grounds. More…

Hopton Park Industrial Estate, Devizes: 100m new access road and associated drainage works, to serve an extension to an existing industrial estate in Devizes, Wiltshire. Remedial works to 750 m of previously implemented industrial access road and footways to enable adoption by the Highway Authority. More…

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