Road Safety Audits

Road Safety Audits essentially consider ‘who can be hurt and why?’ It is not a technical audit, nor a check that a scheme meets design standards.

Our Road Safety Auditors are fully independent of our Design Teams and can undertake Audits at all stages.

Many Local Authorities now require a Road Safety Audit for all development works to reduce liability and promote best practice. In addition, Road Safety Audits are mandatory on Motorway and Trunk Road schemes.

The objective of a Road Safety Audit is to identify any aspects of a highway improvement scheme or highway design, that gives rise to road safety concerns and where possible, to suggest modifications that would improve road safety.

A Road Safety Audit is intended to ensure operational road safety experience is applied during the design and construction process, in order that the number and severity of accidents are kept to a minimum.

The Benefits

A professionally prepared Road Safety Audit will:

  • Help to secure planning permission where highway improvement schemes or new highways are required
  • Reduce the chance of collision, injury and damage to property
  • Ensure the number and severity of accidents are kept to a minimum
  • Reduce the chance of costly litigation
  • Ensure operational road safety experience is applied during the design and construction process

How We Can Help

We will carry out your Road Safety Audit and ensure that it meets Local Highway Authority requirements. For trunk road schemes, we will also liaise with Highways England.

The Road Safety Audit will cover the key elements relating to:

  • Horizontal and vertical alignments, including visibility requirements
  • Facilities for vulnerable road users
  • Review of any previous Road Safety Audits in order to allow for subsequent design changes
  • Provision of street lighting, signage and road markings
  • Potential for flooding due to inadequate drainage

Our design team can prepare a Designer’s Response on behalf of the project sponsor, which addresses the comments raised in a Road Safety Audit.

If any items raised in a Road Safety Audit are considered by the project sponsor to be insignificant, outside the terms of reference, or unsuitable due to economic and environmental constraints, an Exception Report can also be prepared. We are able to assist with the preparation of an Exception Report giving reasons for the exception and proposing alternatives.

Examples of Our Work

Haydon development, Swindon: Site visits and Stage 2/3 Road Safety Audits carried out on the access roads and footway arrangements at various recently constructed residential parcels.

National Diving & Activity Centre, Tidenham: Stage 1, 2 & 3 Road Safety Audits for a proposed new junction onto the A48. More…

Colley Lane, Bridgwater: Stage 3 Road Safety Audit relating to highway improvement works associated with a new residential development.

Whimple, East Devon: Stage 2 Road Safety Audit of the proposed Section 278 works associated with an access to a proposed Crematorium.

Abbotswood, Romsey: Stage 1 Road Safety Audit of proposed on-site principal access roads and footway arrangement for an 800 dwelling residential development. Also, Stage 1 Road Safety Audits for two site access arrangements and various off-site junction improvement works. More…

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