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Do you require technical assistance with an Environmental Impact Assessment?

Do you require an initial pre-planning or pre site-purchase site appraisal or feasibility study?

Are you considering purchasing a site but would like to get a better understanding of its constraints and opportunities, and an indication of the likely issues that would need to be addressed as part of a development proposal?

Do you need professional experts to represent you at a public exhibition of your development proposals?

Do you require expert witness representation at a planning appeal or enquiry?

Do you need expert witness representation in respect of an insurance claim?

CEC offers a range of other services for our clients to help them achieve the optimum results including:

All of the above services add significant value for our clients, be it through enabling our clients to make confident decisions regarding land purchase and development feasibility, providing professional representation at public exhibitions to ensure that their development proposals are presented in the best possible light, or through providing expert witness representation at planning appeals to help overturn a planning refusal or onerous planning condition etc.

Our experienced engineers, transport planners and water management experts can help you in all of the above ways.

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