SuDS – what are they?

SuDS stands for Sustainable Drainage Systems which are becoming an increasingly important element affecting the design of site layouts.

With predicted rises in rainfall due to climate change, Local Authorities are putting more emphasis on ensuring that new developments do not increase flood risk elsewhere.

Traditional pipe systems typically collect and discharge runoff offsite at an uncontrolled rate. SuDS are designed to maximise opportunities and benefits from surface water management including Water Quantity, Water Quality, Amenity and Biodiversity. Runoff from the site is restricted to greenfield rates with SuDS designed to manage rainwater close to where it falls.

SuDS features can take many forms, above and below ground, often with a number of components used in succession to achieve the design objectives for a site.

Examples of SuDS include swales, attenuation ponds, rainwater harvesting, green roofs, permeable paving, infiltration basins and cellular storage.

For planning purposes, incorporation of appropriate SuDS features based on individual site constraints at an early stage is essential with local authorities becoming increasingly specific in their SuDS requirements.

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