Flood Sensitive Sites

It is becoming increasingly apparent, particularly over the last few years, that a significant number of properties are prone to flooding or are at significant risk of flooding. By determining the cause and extent of the flood risk, it is possible to take action to minimise the risk of future flooding and any resultant disruption and expense.

Examples of Our Work

Stirling Way Industrial Estate, Peterborough: A detailed study of the existing flood sensitive site using MIKE 11 (River Modelling Software) to determine the height and impact of proposed flood defences. More…

Compleat Angler Hotel, Marlow: Preparation of a feasibility study that identified fluvial and groundwater flood mechanisms and presented proposals to protect the hotel’s vulnerable ground floor accommodation from risk of flooding.

Calais Farm, Bampton: A summary report summarising the mitigation work undertaken at the property following a flood event was produced for potential purchasers of the property.

Newbridge, Sussex: Detailed Flood Modeller modelling on behalf of an insurer to determine the cause of flooding to an insured property.

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