Expert Consultants

Cole Easdon’s expert transport consultants and traffic consultants provide wide ranging expertise in all areas of transport and traffic consultancy relating to planning and new development, nationwide.

How We Can Help You

Cole Easdon offers expert advice in all aspects of transport and traffic related to new development, whether preparing a Technical Note or Transport Statement in relation to a small scale project or a full multi-modal Transport Assessment for a larger scale development. From the outset, we can provide access advice to ensure your development can achieve suitable highway access in the optimum location, mindful of visibility splay and other highway safety requirements. Our multi-modal highway access designs are prepared in accordance with relevant guidance including Manual for Streets and the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.

Combined with our collective intimate knowledge of the planning process, gained from many years working in the private and public sectors, our proactive and expert transport consultants will provide you with expert advice and support to ensure your development has the best possible chance of success.

Our Transport Consultants are experts in the preparation of Transport Assessments, Transport Statements, Technical Notes, Travel Plans, Road Safety Audits, Travel Plans and numerous other types of transport and traffic-related report.

We fulfil the role of Travel Plan Co-ordinator for many of our housebuilder clients. The Travel Plan Co-ordinator discharges the requirements of the Travel Plan by providing information to residents (such as a Travel Information Pack), negotiating discounts with bus operators and cycle stores, and monitoring progress in achieving the Travel Plan targets over time through surveys.

A detailed list of our services is provided below:

  • Access Advice
  • Access Strategy
  • Transport Assessments
  • Transport Statements
  • Transport Consultancy
  • Traffic Consultancy
  • Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Travel Plan Co-ordinator role
  • Travel Plan Consultancy
  • Travel Plans (for your planning application, to discharge a planning condition or for BREEAM)
  • Road Safety Audits (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 & Stage 4)
  • Road Safety Reports
  • Highway Condition Surveys
  • Vehicular Access Design and Swept Path Analysis (Tracking)
  • Expert Input to Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Transport Consultant Expert Witness to support Planning Appeals

If we can help please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert Transport Consultants.

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