Water Management

Are you considering or planning a development?

Is it in an area that may be at risk of flooding or might your development have some potential flooding impact on your neighbours?

Have you produced a drainage strategy?

Do you need to incorporate sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) into the design of the site?

If so, you will need to make sure that the impact of your development on flooding and drainage is taken into consideration at an early stage, so that you can take the appropriate measures to obtain planning consent as the development proceeds.

It may be that a relatively simple Flood Risk Assessment will show little or no impact, or it may be that your proposed development requires a clear sustainable drainage strategy before planning consent is forthcoming. It may even be that the risk to flooding is such that it would be very unlikely that the development would be approved.

However big or small the potential impact, it is important that you identify and address the key flood risk and drainage issues as soon as possible.

You will want to take the right decisions in a timely fashion, fully aware of the options available, so that you can manage the development costs and reduce the time to completion whilst maximising profit.

Alternatively, maybe you have a property which floods or is at risk of flooding and you would like to know what actions you can take to minimise the risk of future flooding and its resultant disruption and expense.

“We are highly delighted with the exemplary service we have received from Cole Easdon on our recent developments. Their input has been invaluable.”Robert Hamilton-Lamb, Managing Director, W T Lamb Holdings Ltd

Cole Easdon Consultants Can Help You

Our expertise in all aspects of water management, coupled with our intimate knowledge of the planning process and Environment Agency policies, means we can give you the best possible advice and practical support to move your project forward.

Examples of Our Work

Eden Park, Littlehampton: Design of a SUDS scheme with four below ground infiltration basins (with a total storage volume of 3,000 m³) plus a wetland pond for a 400 dwelling residential development on behalf of Taylor Wimpey.

Abbotswood, Romsey: Development of a SUDS strategy which included the design of infiltration basins, soakaways, swales and permeable pavements for an 800 dwelling development. More…

Folly Park View, Faringdon, Oxfordshire: A Flood Risk Assessment and development of a sustainable Drainage Strategy for a new 400 dwelling residential development on behalf of Bloor Homes. A detailed SUDS design was then undertaken, comprising permeable pavements and attenuation ponds. More…

Shaw School, Melksham: A Flood Risk Assessment for a school extension using HEC-RAS modelling.

Retail Development, Chelmsford: A Flood Risk Assessment for a major town centre retail scheme, to demonstrate that the development would not increase flood risk in the locality.

Hart Hill, Luton: Design of a permeable pavement and soakaway for a 40 dwelling affordable housing scheme.

Stirling Way Industrial Estate, Peterborough: A detailed study of the existing flood sensitive site using MIKE 11 (River Modelling Software) to determine the height and impact of proposed flood defences. More…

Newbridge: Detailed Flood Modeller modelling on behalf of an insurer to determine the cause of flooding to an insured property.

Gerber Foods, Bridgwater: Development of a SUDS Drainage Strategy for a proposed 300 dwelling residential development, incorporating attenuation ponds. More…

Mechanical & Biological Treatment Plant and Household Recycling Centre, Westbury, Wiltshire: Preparation of a Sustainable Drainage Strategy including a Flood Risk Assessment.

Arlesey Rail Station Car Park: A Flood Risk Assessment for a new 400 space car park (using HEC-RAS modelling) and development of a Sustainable Drainage Strategy incorporating tanked permeable pavement.

Haywards Heath, Care Home Complex: Development of a SUDS infiltration Drainage Strategy comprising a below ground infiltration basin.

Ambrosia Creamery: A feasibility study and preliminary design relating to the implementation of a flood defence scheme to protect the factory site from overtopping of the River Lyd. More…

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