Flood Sensitive Sites

It is becoming increasingly apparent, particularly over the last few years, that a significant number of properties are prone to flooding or at significant risk of flooding. By determining the cause and extent of the flood risk, it is possible to take action to minimise the risk of future flooding and its resultant disruption and expense.

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The Benefits

A professional study of the flood risk of a property, prepared by Cole Easdon Consultants will:

  • Outline the actions required to ensure a sustainable drainage system for new developments in flood risk areas
  • Propose cost effective improvements, which will reduce flood risk
  • Provide a quantified assessment of flood risk from all sources
  • Incorporate features such as permanent ponds, which can improve the local amenity and provide an environment to support biodiversity
  • Reduce the risk of flooding to the property and the surrounding locality
  • Improve the quality of downstream water

How We Can Help

Cole Easdon Consultants have vast experience in the preparation of Transport Assessments and Transport Statements for all types of development.

We are able to undertake all the necessary technical work and we will also liaise with the Local Highway Authority throughout the process to ensure that as much of the report as possible is agreed in advance. This helps to facilitate smooth progress through the planning system from application to planning approval.

We combine expertise in transport planning with sound commercial understanding. We always strive to ensure the optimum outcome for you, minimising your financial exposure, maximising the development potential of your land or project and devising intelligent, cost effective and environmentally friendly transport planning solutions.

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