Carbon Footprint

It is important to understand the effect of the entire lifecycle of a project.

Carbon Footprint Studies can take into account the carbon footprint of the whole project by calculating the amount of carbon dioxide produced at each stage:

  • The carbon dioxide generated during construction, including travel to and from the site by construction workers and the embodied carbon dioxide of materials used for construction such as clay or PVC pipe work
  • The carbon dioxide generated by the building in its everyday use, as a result of energy usage for lighting, hot water, heating etc
  • The carbon dioxide generated during decommissioning

The Benefits

As well as benefiting the environment and consumers, Carbon Footprint Studies will benefit developers:

  • The study will enable developers to compare the sustainability of different designs and materials for the whole project
  • Carbon Footprint Studies can be incorporated into project specific Waste Management Plans
  • Overall the study offers a standout badge of environmental stability both in the way a development has been constructed and its ongoing environmental impact

How We Can Help

Our expertise includes the carrying out of Carbon Footprint Studies.

Our services include:

  • An introductory meeting to explain all the issues involved in carrying out a Carbon Footprint Study, including a sample study
  • Identifying the re-use of materials in Brownfield developments to reduce its Carbon Footprint
  • A Carbon Footprint Study tailored to the client and project requirements

Click here for case study examples.

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